Question about capacity estimator vs actuality

I threw my current Drobo configuration into the capacity estimator to play around with and noticed that it’s reporting differently then what the Drobo Dashboard says.

Drobo Dashboard:
Capacity Estimator:

Should I be concerned that my Drobo is reporting a higher reserved for expansion number and a much smaller used for protection number then the estimator? The available for data numbers are nearly identical so I assume the reserved for expansion part is being used for redundancy.

I think the estimator might’ve gotten a new bug when the prior bug was squashed…

Regardless, you should have 3.17 TiB of storage available. What/how the other parts you can’t use are allocated by Drobo doesn’t really matter.

@ bhiga, if you look at this pics, its the estimator which is correct, the dashboard is showing “reserved for expansion” when on his setup - there shouldn’t be any!

@ agemo - what dashboard reports to you as reserved for expansion - should actually be “used for protection” as well as the space it correctly shows as used for protection

open a case with DRI and see what they say

My brain still can’t do BeyondRAID math. :slight_smile:

hahaha, its so simple…

available space = sum of drives minus largest drive (for single redundancy)

the other part:

reserved for expansion = largest drive minus next largest drive (i.e if they are equal - there is no need to reserve any)

his largest two are the same size, so there should be zero reserved for redundancy (because it can always mirror that “last” 500gb onto the other 1.5 tb drive - in his case)

Yes, to me too it looks like a Drobo dashboard bug.
What version of the Dashboard are you using ?

Sorry I lost track of this thread. Upgraded to a DroboPro have been working on migrating all the data there.

I’m running dashboard version 1.5.1 but I believe it reported identically in the previous version as well. I have the DroboPro plugged into the same computer and the dashboard is reporting the same usage as the estimator for that. Maybe it was just related to how I initially upgraded the drives in the old Drobo.

it shouldnt do… it should just work

however i would guess that at some point you put in a single disk much bigger than the others and it marked 1tb of that as reserved for expansion, then when you put ina second bigger disk it now uses that as “protection” but just hasnt updated the little chart for some bizarre reason

the only issue is how it names it

your overall capacity and yoru available for data capacity are both correct, it just that whole 1.5tb is used for protection, not 500 gb for protection and 1tb for expansion

its worth pulling a log file and sending it to dri to get them to check your disk pack is ok