Question about an (older) B800i iSCSI device - email notifications for drive issues

For the B800i device - B800i_GSG_Rev02_US.pdf - you have to disconnect the USB cable from the device and only use the Ethernet cable to use the device in it’s desired iSCSI mode.

Note: Only the USB cable interface or the iSCSI (Ethernet) cable interface can be used
at any one time. If both are plugged in, only the USB interface will be active.
USB 2.0
USB (Universal Serial Bus) is a popular interface that allows you to attach additional
hardware devices to your computer in a plug-and-play style. On the Drobo B800i, this
connection is used only for initial setup

If the USB cable is disconnected… how does the B800i device send an email? Does the device establish a TCP/IP Connection over the ethernet port that it uses to do it’s iSCSI stuff on? If the device is setup on a private 192.168.x.x. network and connected directly to the server… how is an email supposed to get sent out? The 192.168.x.x. network can’t talk to a mail server… so how can the B800i device? I can’t understand / see how that works…

  • jack

I think it communicates with dashboard over the local network I’d imagine it’d typically be dashboard that actually generated & sent the email alerts, though it’s not impossible it sends them itself once configured, there’s a very cut-down Linux based computer in the unit orchestrating things, &
Linux is quite capable of generating & sending email the same way any other computer since decades is…