After much research I settled on a new Drobo and 4 Western Digital 1 TB Caviar Green (4K Sector) Hard drives to backup my new intel iMac and in particular irreplaceable videos. For me (retired) quite an investment compared to other proved and less cost backup alternatives that are available.

For years I was okay with a Lacie D2 external hard drive and Super Duper. The Lacie died about the time I tried to transfer data to the iMac. The need now is for a fail safe backup and restoration solution. I believed the representations concerning the plug and play simplicity of a Drobo and its state of the art mystique and capabilities. Was this a mistake?

Now I am faced with a quandary based on an element of distrust.

This distrust stems primarily from the need to do a workaround to keep Drobo Dashboard connected when my Mac wakes from sleep. And, perhaps even more important, the very limited information available in the knowledge base or elsewhere as to Drobo’s capability to do a full restore if required. Also I now must question Drobo’s ability to become a boot disk even if Super Duper is in play.

Tech support acknowledges the problem with sleep. Knowledge Base Question: “Why won’t my Drobo Dashboard reconnect to my Drobo when my Mac wakes up from sleep mode?”

Answer: “The issue you are experiencing, where after the computer wakes from sleep, the Drobo Dashboard does not reconnect to the Drobo, unless the computer is restarted is a known issue that our engineers are working to resolve.”

My question is how long and how hard have they been working toward such resolution? The knowledge base seems full of “ We are sorry.”

Having been a Mac user for over 20 years I accept that technology has its ups and downs. I like the Drobo idea and want to see it succeed but not at the expense of my valuable data and peace of mind.

Benefit of the Doubt: As a former management consultant I know that leading edge companies like DataRobotics often have growing pains that affect their brand and reputation particularly with an expanding product line and new senior leadership as is now the case with DR. Hence my quandary. I want to give Drobo the benefit of the doubt and make the initial backup and go forward. But . . .

Will DR and in particular tech support catch up and resolve soon some very visible issues or will it, as some of the blogs now say, be buried by expansion and changes over which it has no control, e.g. the intel iMac and leave us with no choice but workarounds, frustration and negative forum and blog remarks instead of the rave reviews that can benefit it the most?

I guess the bottom line question to this forum of Drobo owners is: Is the quandary expressed above valid or much ado about nothing? Your candor is welcome. Your consideration appreciated. Thank you.


although drobo dashboard may not reconnect, drobo should still continue to function, you do not need dashboard to be running to use drobo - only to configure it or to view the status (as duplicated no the front panel) and for e-mail alerts (also visible on the front panel).

i cant be too much more helpful past this point since i’m a pc guy… but i will say one thing. drobo is REDUNDANT storage… that is NOT a backup. if your videos are irreplaceable you should NEVER have only one copy of them, in one location, on one device!

things drobo is useless against:

file system corruption - whether from power outages operating system faults, viruses etc etc
human error

things drobo is excellent at protecting you from:

hardware failure of the disks.

too wordy… Sorry - you lost me at ‘quandry’.

As Docchris has said - the problem with Drobo Dashboard should not in any way hinder your data integrity or ability to back up data to the device.

Also, a new Drobo FS user on here has noted that Dashboard v1.7.1 (currently only available to Drobo FS owners) has solved their sleep problem with direct-attached Drobo, so it seems like once the new Dashboard version is released into the wild, your problem will be gone.


Some of you may be interested to know that a very professional, methodical, courteous and yes even patient Data Robotics Technical Support Agent determined that my particular Drobo was in fact defective (no details provided). I am replacing it with another Drobo.


thanks for the update - do let us know if your replacement drobo solves your issue.