Python API access for DroboFS


Hey all.
I know there’s drobo-utils, but that doesn’t seem to work with NAS based Drobos like the DroboFS.

I’d like to get access to the drobo on my network and return some information. Like how much space is used/left, health of the drives, last spindown, etc…

Has any work gone into this already? I can’t find anything.


any Drobo NAS responds on port 5000/5001 with detailed (non user) information about itself (such as drives, capacity, status) etc.

You can try it out by yourself if you telnet one of your Drobos on port 5000.


Wicked, massive help is that.
Is there a list of what it all means? I can see loads of useful stuff, but can’t see what the different would be etc. I can guess 3 means everythings ok and 1/0 will be bad times, 128 is empty, but would be good to see a proper description if there is one.

It’s good that it’s in XML, I should just be able to nick what I want out.