Putting Drobo in Standby on Linux

I disconnected my Drobo from Windows by placing it in ‘Standby’ using the dashboard and successfully mounted it under Linux (Ubuntu) with NTFS-3G.

My question is, is merely ‘umount’-ing the Drobo on Linux going to put it in standby mode, ready for disconnection? Or is there something else I need to do - manually?


Usually there should be an option to eject the disk as well and that should put it into standby mode. Otherwise, just unmount it. That’s what I do.

if you have the linux dashboard, then:

drobom shutdown

issues a standby command to the Drobo, exactly as the windows one.

You can also do the same with the GUI.[hr]
oh… and you can just do the shutdown, the dashboard will do the umounts automagically
for you…