pureftpd (Not Available)

So I just got the FS, things are going ok so far, but can’t seem to get access to the purefTP server thru the DroboAdmin web interface. Ditto for Apache, although it does allow access to the Admin page…

It, as you can see, says “Not Available” even though I’ve re-started a few times. Is there another app I need to install to get this to work? Or is this app not configurable thru the DroboAdmin Web Interface?

Like the “important” link says in DroboAdmin, if there is anything available to configure via the webinterface it will show it, otherwise it just says “Unavailable”.

You can access everything through SSH or via changing config files, keep in mind, this is Linux, other commands, case sensitive etc etc.

Just enable PureFTP, and FTP to it (inside your network), like for instance ftp://192… u’ll see the map list, everything else … SSH/Conf files.

As an example for external access,

I have a dyndns account, I link it to my router via integrated DDNS, open ports 20/21 to forward to IP of Drobo, that’s it, accessible over the internet… be sure to change the FTP password when you have no other means to access let’s say a desktop inside your network via Logmein or any other remote software with which you can enable PuteFTP from outside network.

yeahhhh wellllll… I still keep getting a ‘network error’ on the local LAN. can’t connect…

No firewall, nothing to prevent this from connecting… but it still won’t connect. Equally… a port scan of the IP for the FS reveals no port 21 open… port 22 for SSH, but no port 21…

Please tell us exactly what and how you try to connect, via IE, FireFox, Windows Explorer, any kind of FTP software.
When you say restarted, do you mean the Drobo or your PC, what OS, IP of Drobo in same range as your LAN for instance, more than one LAN, any kind of specific setup locally?
Latest versions of Drobo firmware and Dashboard?

Try connecting it directly to a desktop instead of via your router, does it connect then?

Just following up… I had some other issues with the FS, it would not send email warnings, so I basically reset it and copied all the data back. Now emails are working just fine, Port 21 shows up as open, and I can log in from the 'net with the default password(which I’m woking on changing)

While the apps were not the main reason for purchasing the FS, they were a pretty strong 2nd reason. I didn’t realize how technical they would be to implement. I’m not exactly a total novice, but writing config files and editing them in Terminal is just a bit more than I can manage. I would hope that someone might be working on a less tech solution to manage some of theses apps.

I’ll putter along in the mean time, and perhaps I can stumble on a way to configure them that I can understand.

Absolutely no offense meant here… and I’m not unhappy with my purchase… but trust me, I doubt I’m alone in my frustration in finding an easy way to configure some of these apps.