PureFTP access Samba shares

Hi there!

I’m currently setting up remote access for a DroboFS via pureFTP.
Current situation is as following.

  • pureftp runs as desired
  • portforwarding through router is working as expected
  • added a user (“extern”) in the drobo dashboard that can access the samba shares
  • login with that user via FTP works.

However I’m not able to read / write to any folder that is accessible via samba.
All folders provided by samba are owned by root with limited permissions, which I don’t want to change.
Is there a way to gain access to this folders using FTP?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Hey I’m having problems getting DroboAdmin to ninstall PureFTP for me in my DroboFS. SO I’m left with having to install it by hand. Any chance you can give me a step by step instruction of how to install PureFTP on my DroboFS manually and not through DroboAdmin?