Pure-FTPD - WAN Access

I have successfully installed pure-ftp and dropbear and everything is working great from the LAN - however, despite the correct FW and NAT policies on the router, the connection is refused once the traffic hits the Drobo via WAN.

I remember having an issue with this some time back but cannot recall the correct location to edit the IP allow list on the drobo.

Can anyone refresh my memory? Any help is greatly appreciated.


I’m having the same issue - it’s because with passive mode FTP uses a second (random) port - since that one is not forwarded, the connection is refused.

A workaround is to use ‘active’ mode FTP, but the real solution would be to limit the pool of ports Pure-ftpd will choose from for it’s random port and forward them. I have not worked out how to do that, yet.

I’d say the best solution is to drop FTP if at all possible and use SFTP, which if you’re using Ricardo’s openSSH package works just fine. That way your transfers are encrypted and there’s no random-port mess.

Obviously, not a solution for everyone and all purposes.