Pure FTPd User Accounts

Hello, I just installed Pure FTPd on my Droboshare, and am having trouble using the features I would like to; from PCmag.com I quote:

I am hoping someone here can help me do this. I am fairly advanced with linux, but I can’t find the command (the usual Pure FTP commands don’t work). What I need to do is create project folders on my drobo, then create separate FTP accounts, each with it’s own root folder on the drobo (one of hte project folders).

Thanks for any help, Istvan.[hr]
also note, these commands in this manual don’t work. I can use the correct commands up until pw

Also - http://download.pureftpd.org/pub/pure-ftpd/doc/README doesn’t help, I can change the add group and user commands to work, however after that the droboshare doesn’t’ support the rest of the commands.

I just played with pureftp on DroboFS. I don’t know how much I can help since some of the file locations seem to be different in the DroboFS vs DroboShare. I am just going to list out what I did. (FYI, I cannot guarantee this is 100% secure or accurate since I am still playing around with the very basic linux that runs the DroboFS. Use the info below at your own discression and I am not responsible for anything that could occur if you follow what I did, yadda, yadda, yadda). If someone has a better way of setting this up or a better way of securing it, please respond so that I can learn as well.

First I installed Apache and DroboApps Admin Utility.
Next, I then installed dropbear so I can log into drobo and edit system files.
THE VERY NEXT THING, I ssh’d into the drobo and changed the root password!!!
Next, I then installed pure-ftp.
Once that was complete, I ssh’d into the DroboFS for the meat of the changes.
Step 1 - ‘ps | grep ftp’ to verify that pure-ftpd is running.
Step 2 - ‘df’ To find where my storage is located. On DroboFS, I see:
/dev/sda1 17156881544 294070564 16862810980 2% /mnt/DroboFS
Step 3 - ‘cd /mnt/DroboFS’ and ‘ls’ shows my Shares subdirectory and if I ‘cd Shares’ and ‘ls’ shows Public which is my shared volume I set up when I started using the DroboFS.
Step 4 - ‘mkdir /mnt/DroboFS/Shares/Public/FTP’
Step 5 - ‘cd /mnt/DroboFS/Shares/Public’
Step 6 - ‘chmod 777 FTP’ and ‘chmod +s FTP’ (or you chould do a ‘chown ftpuser FTP’ if your just going to have one account ftping into the drobo)
Step 7 - I did an ‘adduser ftpuser’ and gave a password and then confirmed the pasword.
Step 8 - vi etc/passwd and changed the home directory from ‘/home/ftpuser’ to
‘/mnt/DroboFS/Shares/Public/FTP/./’ the /./ at the end should force the FTP subdirectory to be the base directory for ftpuser, so when the user ftp’s in, he can’t ‘cd …’ or cd to any of the parent directories of FTP.
Step 9 - to test, I opened a command line window (or FTP application), and ftp’d to my DroboFS’s ip address.
I was then able to add files, see them, and pull them back down.

Now, I’ve notice a few issues with user accounts and root’s password when rebooting the DroboFS or playing with users in DroboDashboard. Don’t know if it is the same with DroboShare.

The other thing I was able to do was set up port forwarding on my router and then went to DynDNS.org and set up a free URL that points to my router. Now I can be at work, or a friends house and if I need to, ftp a file to my house without having to leave my home computer on.

I next plan to play with changing the ports for SSH and FTP from the default to some other ports going into my router to better secure it from potential threats.


Hey, thanks for the reply! I got up to here:

[quote]/mnt/DroboShares/Drobo/Shares $ chmod +s justinMovieFTP
chmod: justinMovieFTP: Operation not permitted[/quote]

Any tips?

Thanks again, Istvan.[hr]
Skipping that command it works fine! Thanks for the help
assuming that command isn’t critical, and that there isn’t some huge security flaw, I think I am set!

Thanks again, Istvan.

chmod +s is a sticky bit that allows users who don’t have access to a directory to have the ability to put a file into that directory. If your FTP is for private use with just one or a few users. You would be find with not needing a sticky bit, but you would need to have group access and permissions set up correctly.


I’m kind of a noob here, but when i try to change the ‘root’ password I get a “authentication token failure”. I don’t really know what to do to change that.

— update —

OK I found some documentation and deleted and regenerated the known_hosts file… but then when I did the default ‘root’ password won’t work.
help guys… all i really want to do is ftp into this thing and it’s taken me 3 days so far.

Is it possible to give or deny access to certain folders based on user?
I am using the DroboShare but everything above worked to setup another user just don’t want some users to have access to some folders.

Yes. You can do that by changing the group and user ownership of the directories with the chown command. Then use the chmod command to give/deny permission to those directories for owner, group, and/or other.


Hi, I am a total rookie on Unix… so the part where the root folder is set for the users just went slightly over my head. Any chance you could spell it out in a little morte details?