Pure FTP Users Question - DroboFS

Hi all,

I’m still setting up and really enjoying my new DroboFS. I successfully put pure ftp on there and have root access working fine. I’ve read quite a bit about adding users, and it all seems a little hacky to me. Maybe I’m just misunderstanding. Maybe it’s a difference between DroboShare and DroboFS implementation.

Anyway, what I’m hoping is relatively easy is this. When I set up my network shares I created accounts for those. They are listed in the passwd file and work fine when connecting via shared drives.

Is there a relatively painless way I can make it so those same user accounts can log into the FTP?

Thanks in advance.

Hello Pale,
I too am getting ready to install and try to configure PureFtpd. I will let you know what i find, but its been a while since i messed with a linux Ftpd. I have been trying to read online and i am going to see if i can get any of these PureFtpd Gui’s to work. Dont know if i can or not.

Here are some pretty good advices that got me up and running.