Proper sequence for swapping drives

What should I do prior to popping out an old drive to be replaced with new one? Go to standby first? Just pop out old and in with new? Power Drobo off first then swap?

Hello there,

The old drive could be removed while the unit is turned on. Do check whether you are able to access your data at the moment (lights also showing green on drive bays). Also, it would be better to free up some space till your usage falls below 80% before hot-swapping the drive.

I’m curious about this, too. I would have thought you could just remove the drive and insert the new drive. The Drobo should then work 2 processes. One to handle the missing drive and one to re-allocate data on the new drive.

That is not official. I want to know the right answer too.

Like KelvinY said - it’s fine to swap drives while the Drobo is running. Actually, that’s a vital part of Drobo philosophy. Keep in mind, though, that the more you use (access or write data) your Drobo while it’s rebuilding, the longer this process will take. That’s why some advise to unmount the Drobo (or shutdown the computer) for the duration of the rebuild.