Problems with old 4 drive drobo and droboshare

OK-so for the first time in many years -19+ I have actually connected up my Droboshare to the Drobo DR40-D.
The Drobo works perfectly on a local laptop via a USB cable-writing - copying all OK. Using the latest dashboard downloaded last week. Setup has 3 x 3Tb drives with >2Tb available for use.
So I connected up the Droboshare and after around 10-15 mins the Drobo appears in file manager. Music can be streamed from the Droboshare and files may be copied easily.
Small file of 50Kb will copy onto the drobo.
I try to copy the directory Faststone Capture-result as picture.
Any larger file gets the message…as shown. Most confusing.
Can anybody advise what I am doing wrong ??? I am sure there is a simple explanation>

Regards to all viewers

Try using it directly connected, I wouldn’t use a Droboshare these days even if I had one, they’re limited to using an old file-sharing protocol (SMB version 1) that Microsoft have disabled in modern versions of Windows because it has some really nasty security holes… think ransomware.


cyber_beardy is absolutely correct. I have a friend who wants to share his data across his network and has a Drobo DAS. He asked me to help him track down an old Droboshare and I told him to just get an old small form factor Windows PC to run alongside the Drobo to handle the network sharing.

The Droboshare was never updated for SMBv2, so it’s risky to keep it running.

Sorry we couldn’t help diagnose the problem!



Thanks a lot guys-sort of puts me in the correct direction. Connected via USB works fine. I assume it can also be allocated a drive then transfer files over the network in the normal manner.
Regards Mike

Or pick up a used laptop to do the sharing, ideally one with wired network port, doesn’t need to be much, just enough to run a version of windows recent enough to still be in support…