Problems with my Drobo?

OK, I have had my Drobo about 9 months now and so far it has been great, fantastic machine. Anyway recently I went to visit my parents over Christmas and took my Drobo with me as it had some Data on there that I wanted to share with them. No it was a smooth journey and I wasn’t ‘throwing’ the Drobo around or anything like that.

However when I got there and powered it up the bottom of the 4 drives was not recognised. I removed the drive and inserted it again at which point the Drobo powered up and went through its ‘rebuild’ process (I think that is was you call it) of the green / amber flashing LEDs. Eventually the Drobo was fine and all the LEDs went green and I was happy.

Now every time I moved the Drobo the same thing happens. Is this the drive failing or an issue with the connector within the Drobo?

Also recently it has stopped connecting to my Mac. It goes through it’s boot process, all the LEDs turn green then it turns itself off before it has a chance to connect to the computer, this is over USB. I will check its behaviour with FW800 in a minute.

UPDATE: I have just connected with FireWire 800 and everything is fine, hmmm?

I want to connect the Drobo to my Airport Extreme Base Station so I can use it as an AirDisk so USB is kind of important!

I fear that this is going to be a return job, does anyone else have any other suggestions.


previously DRI have advised removing the drives from drobo before transporting to avoid these kind of issues.

when you say it goes through its boot process - is this that it is starting to boot because you have powered your mac on and it has woken up (just checking to see if it detects the mac at all), or is it that you applied power to it and it booted, then it doenst see the mac so goes into standby?

OK, wasn’t aware that you should remove the drives, bugger!

Yes you latter description is how I would describe the situation. I have just unplugged the USB connection and inserted the FW800 and the Drobo woke and connected fine to the Mac.