Problems using Shutdown command

I read the knowledge base article that says it’s better to use Drobo Dashboard to Shutdown the Drobo than to do the usual ‘eject’ command in OS X.

However, on both occasions that I’ve clicked on Shutdown, OS X has reported that the device wasn’t unmounted properly before being disconnected.

I’m really confused - because I would have instinctively either unmounted the Drobo by ejecting, or shutting down my Mac - but the article says the best way is to click on shutdown.


Shutting down your Mac almost certainly the best choice, that will make sure all writes are finished then allow drobo to go into standby in it’s own time

If you eject the Drobo from Mac OS X then it unmounts the disk. It will still show up in Disk Utility as there, but not mounted - i.e. the filesystem is not being written to.

Once it is unmounted you can use the shutdown command from the DroboDashboard which will power-off the Drobo.

Technically the Drobo Dashboard will try and unmount the disk first before shutting it down - but I have found that it sometimes does not properly eject it before shutting down the Drobo. Usually when a process is stopping the Drobo from being unmounted.

Both of your replies make perfect sense - and are exactly what I would have assumed to be the case. Surely if there is ANY chance that the Dashboard would fail to unmount the drive before shutting it down, then the recommendation should be to unmount manually and then click Shutdown. I’ve only used the Shutdown command twice, and on both occasions it’s failed to unmount the drive before powering down (and OS X has warned the drive wasn’t properly unmounted). I would consider that to be the least safe way of shutting it down (yet the knowledge base suggests this is the safest way of doing it). It would probably be a good idea for Drobo to change their knowledge base article - I cannot imagine my setup is particularly unusual.

Can you please open a support case?

ok, done. I just tried it again (third time since I bought the Drobo S) and at first I though it was fine this time, but a few seconds later it reported that it hadn’t been ejected properly.