Problems since 1.1.2 upgrade


Ever since I’ve upgraded to DS formware 1.1.2, I have a terrible time accessing my files, it almost acts like the drobo keeps disconnecting and reconnecting.

Although I could experience some symptoms of disconnects before, nothing would really stop me from working. The first sign that I had an issue, was when I tried to download 1,500 wedding pictures that I took Saturday night a week ago. I had upgraded to the latest DS firmware that morning.

Now if I try to import my files to a directory, I get a “Write delayed failed” error. Any image viewers will choke when trying to access a directory of picture. So much that the applications returns a “Not Responding” message.

Anyone else having this issue? Any fixes. At this point this system is not usable for my workflow. Any help would be appreciated.

Computer: WIn XP Pro
Dashboard: 1.5.1
Drobo: 1.3.0
Droboshare: 1.1.2

I have a 2nd gen and a 1st gen drobo attached to a sinble DroboShare.


If you are noticing any of the following symptoms with your second-generation Drobo using USB to connect to a Mac or PC or a DroboShare:

– Drobo appears to “freeze” every so often
– Periodic lost connections
– “Error -36” on Mac,
– “delayed-write failures (Event ID 51)” on Windows

Then it is possible that your Drobo is experiencing a known issue. Note that this issue does not impact FireWire function.

Please upgrade your Drobo to the latest firmware. In version 1.3.3, we implemented a fix that should resolve these problems. Please check the firmware version on your Drobo in Drobo Dashboard: Advanced Controls -> Tools -> Check for updates. If the message tells you that you have the latest firmware, but it is earlier than 1.3.3, then the firmware file and installation instructions are available at: http://www.drobo.com/support/updates.php.

Thanks Jennifer,

But I’m afraid I’ll need more guidance.
I tried to go to your page in the link that you provided and it stated that this page was not available. So I clicked on “Support” and it’s asking me for a login. I have no idea if I have or ever had a login. I can’t retrieve a password with either the common login name that I use or an email address. Further more, I can’t find any place to create an account.

Could you assist?


Sorry, the link added a “.” at the end when I put a period at the end of my sentence.


It should not ask you to log in to download the firmware.

OK, Sorry … found the link to the updates in the Drobo section.
I’ll give that a shot a little later on.


PS, Big Speed Racer fan myself!!

I had the same problem. After upgrading to firmware 1.3.4 everything seems to be now alright. Thanks.

Sadly it hadn’t solved the problem. I get always connection losses when copying larger amunt of files.

@strava you are on drobo firmware 1.3.1 or above?

Yes - I updated today to 1.3.4. It improved the situation dramatically - extending the period the connection loss occurred from 30 min to several hours. But it still exists.

After upgrading your firmware, did you directly attach the drobo to your computer and perform a verify/repair disk from disk utility on macs or Chkdsk on windows?

No. I didn’t anything like this.

There were lost connection issues with firmware before 1.3.1. Lost connections cause data corruption.

If you are still experiencing problems, could be caused by data corruption that was never fixed.

I recommend directly attaching your drobo (after safely shutting down) to your computer and fixing the data corruption.

Thanks for the help. I will follow your advice.