Problems downloading DroboPro FW 1.1.3

I’ve downloaded the .tdz file, 10.2 MB, but when I try to install it, using the Ctrl + Check for Updates click, it starts OK, and tells me to stop all data transfers (for which I have to remove the cover to check-- grrr!), then it says that the the Drobo firmware update was unsuccessful.

Does it have to be connected via FW800 or USB for this update to work? I’ll try that next.

Nope, that didn’t work either, using a FW800 connection.

And neither did USB 2.0.

Come on, guys! You can do better than this! Do I need two tin cans and a piece of string to update the firmware successfully?

There is 1.1.3 fireware release? I check and Dashboard reports its up to date – I have 1.1.2 installed.

Well, allegedly! See for the Mac.

As you probably know, sometimes the updates show up with no notice (and maybe with no previous external testing), and other times it doesn’t show up at all, except on the support web site.

Talk among yourselves.

Suite B, I was able to upgrade mine Pro to 1.1.3 via USB connection to one of our W2K3R2 32-bit server but not w/o some hikcups.

  1. My Dashboard doesn’t automatically detect the new release so I went for the manual upgrade
  2. The upgrade went OK but my Pro didn’t reset itself. I had to flip the switch
  3. After soft reset of my Pro, I was able to confirm via Dashboard that it is running 1.1.3.
  4. Since I have 14-15 Smart Volumes created, my Pro is taking an awefully long time to mount those 16TB.

Installed fine. NOW regarding results: the performance problem hasn’t changed a bit!!!

Ohhh well, maybe it time you guys run out & buy a decent NAS or make ur own storage server like I did, working pretty good here.

P.S: but seriously, give them time I’m sure they will nail that issue, I still don’t think that update is final nor its the one to fix these performance issues, I’m sure DRI can shed some light.

Good luck.

Last night, the DroboPro was working fine, although than my not being able to download the firmware. This morning, however, it is the process of rebuilding, for some unknown reason. There is an estimate of 2 hours left, so obviously it wasn’t a very serious problem, or it would have taken 48 hours or more. (Unless the dual disk redundancy speeds up the rebuild somehow??)

I was in the process of secure deleting about a gigabyte worth of backups from CrashPlan, and making a new backup using ChronoSync, so the Drobo was pretty busy, and perhaps moving into areas of the volume that had never ben access before. The e-mail alert indicated that the failure occurred at 1:28AM, long after I had gone to bed, so it wasn’t because I jiggled something.

I’ll grab a Diagnostic file tonight. Maybe Tech Support can figure out why the firmware update didn’t work, as well.

I had a similiar firmware issue - had to shut down compleatly - hook up via USB (was using iSCSI) then apply the update - Then i shut down again hooked up iSCSI - and it worked…

That’s what I did – Shutdown, drag the DP closer to my desktop machine (gotta buy some longer cables!), reconnect, and try it. The only thing I didn’t do is pull the power plug.

I’ll try it again tonight.

Pro Firmware 1.1.3 is a manual update.

Is that firmware supposed to fix the performance issues or is it gonna be in the next firmware ?

The firmware applied for me with no problems over iSCSI (other than I had to manually download it as dashboard didn’t find it).

Hello everyone :slight_smile:
I have what’s probably a newbie question.

Why is this just a manual download? Is it not that important for them to push it via update in the Dashboard?


The firmware is designed for VMWare on ESX.
Not all users are using the Pro for that function.

So it’s just a manual update.