Problems deleting a large number of files

When I try and delete a large number of files at once, it reliably crashes DroboShare. As a result I have to power down, wait 30 seconds, and re-power before I can continue.

Versions: DroboShare 1.1.2, Drobo 1.3.0

The Drobo is formatted as HFS+.

Here’s the relevant line from mount on the DroboShare:

/dev/sda2 on /mnt/DroboShares/Drobo type hfsplus (rw,noatime,nodiratime,umask=0,uid=0,gid=0,nls=utf8)

Wondering if it was SMB that was the issue, I installed OpenSSH and coreutils on my DroboShare and logged in, and tried to use GNU rm to remove the files.

Same problem, except this time I at least got a “Segmentation fault” to let me know it had broken. (Some number of files were deleted OK before it crashed).

Unfortunately there’s no syslog or dmesg I can post to show the error.

I know this is a crappy answer, but unless HFS support has radically improved under Linux, you might want to reformat that drive to ext3. If you think it’s a timing thing, you could do throw it all into a while loop and add a sleep to it. Not fast, but it might at least get it done.

Yeah, I figured ext3 is probably the thing to do. Except my friend with an ext3 Drobo needs to fsck it every few weeks, sigh, so I was loathe to do this.

HFS would have been much more convenient, allowing me as it does to plug into the Mac via USB when I need. And really, this is pretty much a feature Drobo advertise, so it ought to work!!

have you tried updating the firmware and software to the latest versions

Yes. I gave the versions in my post. They are the most recent.

Update your Drobo firmware version to 1.3.4.

There is a known connectivity issue with firmware below 1.3.1 on USB.

I will do the update, but please note I’m getting this problem via the DroboShare, not via a direct USB connection.

Please note, you connect your Drobo to the Droboshare via USB.

Thank you, it looks like 1.3.4 finally fixes my problems.

Some constructive feedback: the 1.3.4 or 1.3.3 release notes don’t really mention this improvement. They talk about Mac OS compatibility fixes, but from what you mention, this isn’t OS-specific. Perhaps this is shorthand for HFS+ compatibility fixes? Or is it at the USB layer? To know exactly would help with decisions about whether to persist with HFS+ or go for an ext3 file system.

Anyway, I’m happily deleting more files now.

The improvement was in v1.3.1.

Aha. Maybe your team could keep links to historic release notes on the web site? I suspect like many others I don’t check the site regularly, because I thought the auto update feature in the Dashboard would be enough. So if I miss an intermediate release, it wouldn’t be obvious to me what improvements I was missing.

Thanks for your help in all this.