Problems after moving to new iMac

I have been using drobofs with my iMac without issues with a long while, recently my iMac died and I replaced it with a new one.

During the transition period I powered off the drobo for a couple days.

After setting up my new iMac I have 2 issues.

Firstly, one on the drives is new flashing red! It was green when I powered it off. I have doubts as to whether it has actually failed.

Also, it’s warning me that drobo is low on capacity. Do you think the drive has definitely failed?

I currently have 2 x 2tb drives and 1 x 750gb drive, it’s the 750gb drive that’s flashing red.

Did you move your FS? If so, maybe the 750G drive came loose. You can pop it out and put it back firmly. Do it with the Drobo powered on so it sees you do it. If it stays flashing red after that then I’d say it’s failed. You can send logs to Drobo and they will tell you what’s going on.

I didn’t move it, the only thing I did was to turn the power off on the switch on the back.

Send in your logs through the support page, they’ll help you…

I discovered the hard drive was indeed dead. So I replaced it with a new one and dashboard start ‘data protection’ The progress bar has been stuck on 9 hours remaining now for over 20 hours, it warns me not to remove any hard drives that are flashing yellow/green as they are doing in dashboard but on the unit itself, everything is green.


Relayouts take a lllllloooongggg time. I just swapped two 1.5TB drives out for some 2TB drives, and each layout took about three days. The time remaining thing is dashboard is usually completely unreliable for me. If you are still accessing your data (even reading without writing) that affects the time too.

Be patient, it should finish this week!