Problem with second volume

I have a problem, my Drobo has 3 1.5 TB hard disk, the Drobo Dashboard shows that it has 2,71 TB, 1.99 TB used space and the rest free space, the problem is that my Windows XP only see one unit call J: Drobo1 and there isn’t second unit for the 736 gb of free space. The Dashboard shows two volumes, the first: call J: Drobo1 with 1.99 TB (NTFS with 2TB of maximum capacity) and the second calls Drobo (without letter assigned) also NTFS and 2tb of maximum capacity.

I think that the problem is that the Drobo must create the second unit, I have read that it must do it automatically, but it doesn’t.

I have tried renamed the second unit, but the dashboard says that it is unavailable the raname.

I think that I have the latest upgrades, firmware version 1.3.5 and dashboare 1.5.1.

Please I need advice. Thanks.


it did automatically create the second volume, but it has not been assigned a drive letter.

if you go into computer management (right click on “my computer”), then click on disk management and you should be able to see the second volume. right click on it and you will be able to assign it a drive letter.

Thansk so much, so easy :slight_smile:

glad to help :smiley: