Problem with new Drobo S?

Hi everyone,

Last week I received my new Drobo S. I bought three new 2 TB Western Digital Caviar Green 5400 RPM (WD20EARS) drives. Before using them I ran WD’s drive diagnostics on each drive to ensure that everything was okay. It was, so I installed the drives the Drobo S. So far so good.

Next I started copying 2.5+ TB of data from other drives to the Drobo S. Everything was working fine, but after a few hours I checked in on progress and discovered a Drobo Dashboard message stating that my data was no longer secure because a drive had been removed. All three drives were still in the Drobo.

When I clicked okay another message notified me that a new drive had been installed. I clicked through the messages and eventually the Drobo rebuilt the redundancy. It’s been a few days now and everything seems fine.

What do you guys make of this? Does this indicate a problem with the Drobo or the drives? I’m a bit worried, of course.


What firmware are you on?

Sounds more like a drive wasn’t properly seated. I would recommend shutting down the drobo and reseating your drives.

I’m not at home where the Drobo S is, but I did use Drobo Dashboard to ensure that everything was up to date before I inserted the drives.

I’ll try that when I get home, but the Drobo was on a very sturdy table when this happened. There wouldn’t have been any motion at all.


Hi Jennifer,

I checked the firmware version. Drobo Dashboard reports it being 2.0.1 [5.16.25978].

Although the drives seemed snug, I did as you suggested by shutting down the Drobo S, removing the drives, and inserting them again.

Would you suggest waiting to see if the problem happens again?