Problem with my Drobo Pro 800


it’s my first time here in the forum.
I have a Drobo Pro 800 and I have some problems with it.
When I restart my Drobo blu lights will start to turn on scrolling and then they stop randomly. The green light in the low area flashes and continues like this for several minutes. Then it switches off and restarts by itself.

Here attached the link with my Drobo’s video. https://www.dropbox.com/s/pqz8permw9jmf6h/video.mp4?dl=0

Could you help me? Anyone knows this problem?

hi adl, welcome to the forum,
another user called airbongo recently mentioned something similar and i just posted here for him:

(but please find a copy below for you too) :slight_smile:

am not sure if your power supply is working 100% but you might be able to check this by looking at this page to see if the lights are ok:

also, it might be worth trying to put your drobo into a readonly mode, for example as mentioned here, as it might be able to let you access your data again to copy somewhere:

if those do not work it might be best to raise a ticket with the support team (and i think you could still raise a paid ticket if you wished) but please let us know how things go.