Problem with Drobo Dashboard login and 5N

I recently upgraded the Drobo Dashboard software when prompted on OS X Mountain Lion. I am now having trouble logging in to the Drobo.

When I enter username: Admin
and my user defined password, I see logged in as Admin briefly on the dashboard before I am quickly logged back out. As a test, I tried entering an incorrect password and an invalid credential error dialog was displayed.[hr]
Also, the version that is broken 2.4.3. I see Drobo has released 2.5.0 on the website which I will try out since auto-update won’t work without login capability

You might want to verify that the firewall within your new Mac OS is still properly configured to allow the drobo application talk over the network with responding drobo devices.

Alternatively, you could go to the drobo support site and download the latest version of the drobo dashboard (or just re-install if you retained the executable) to see if the app is successful in re-opening the trusted TCP firewall settings to allow it to find the drobo.

Hope this helps.


Thanks, manually downloading the new dashboard and installing resolved my issue of not being able to connect to my Drobo.

I noticed that the newest firmware is 3.1.0. My firmware is currently 3.0.0. When I do auto-update in drobo dashboard, the new firmware is not detected. Additionally, when I do a manual install after downloading from the drobo website, the update fails part way though.

Has anyone been able to install firmware 3.1.0?

I’m running firmware 3.1, although it took quite a long time to load, with all lights off on the unit except the power light. Rather unnerving, but it did work for me.