Problem when migrating drives from Drobo 2nd gen to Drobo 5D

I have problem when migrating drives from Drobo 2nd gen to Drobo 5D (thunderbolt). I have total of 3 drives and it was not mounting as volume onto to my mac (running OS 10.11). My dashboard has latest software and drobo has latest firmware. Dashboard was saying drobo is healthy and all lights on the bay were green but I could not see the volume. I used DiskWarrior and it gave me the access to preview volume.
Now when I have bought the new “drobo 5D Thunderbolt” I moved the drives to the new drobo and all bays are red and one of the bay (which has drive) is flash red, rest are just static red lights. And when I go to ‘Status’ in Drobo Dashboard it says “Too many hard drives have been removed, please reinsert the removed hard drives.”
I have followed the steps mentioned on Drobo’s official website of migrating drives from one drobo to another.
Please advise. I am leaving the drobo running like the current situation till I hear the reply from you on what should I do.

hi sanjay, were you able to copy files somewhere else, when using that diskwarrior preview mode?
as you just bought a new drobo, i think it would be good to also raise a ticket for the support team about this too, though can i check that both drobo’s were Off and unplugged, when removing or inserting all of the diskpack drives in their entirety?