Problem Downsizing

I recently upgrade to a new NAS with more bays. I am trying to transfer my data from the DroboFS to the new NAS, but I’m having a problem with space. I put 2 2TB drives in the new NAS, then copied 2TB of data from the Drobo to the new NAS. Then I took out one drive (2TB) from the Drobo and moved it to the new NAS. I thought the Drobo would reorganize the data since I had enough free space to have a spare, but it keeps telling me that my data is not protected and I need to add another drive.

This doesn’t make sense since I have 4 2TB drives installed and only 3.8TB used. I need to be able to take another drive out of the Drobo to grow the new NAS so I can keep transferring all of my data. Is there some special way of doing this?

hi are you using dual disk redundancy on your drobo fs currently?

No, I am using single disk. But since I took my 5th drive out the other day it keeps warning me that my data is not protected. I thought the Drobo would respond correctly and redistribute the data across the remaining drives, but this isn’t the case. I have plenty of free space.

Here is a screenshot of my dashboard. I have 4x2TB drives installed and green.

thanks for the image,
do you know how long it’s been since you performed the first batch of moves, you mentioned the other day but any more info would be useful, along with number of files moved?

(if it was not that long ago - since move of 2tb worth of data, and actual drive removal), it could be that the drobo is still reclaiming space/processing the movement of files…

if you check back every 15mins/30mins do any usage/space values change?

do you still have that drive you removed available, or has it already been put to use in your other nas?

Maybe your Drobo needs to be poked to rebuild. Did you try turning it off and turning it back on?
Perhaps Tech Support will give you some ideas.

In any case, once you remove the next drive, you’ll have 3.46GB used out of 3.58GB. 97% full is into the Unhappy Zone.

(ah maybe you need “just 1 more” hard drive to be able to efficiently perform your copy/swaps)

I have this same issue with my FS now that I’m transferring data to the new 5N.
pulled a 3TB drive out 4 days ago, had about 48% free space, now down to 27% free space, but the FS has not rebuilt.
I hear it churning away, but no joy. only one red light where the drive was removed.
I’m concerned that if I continue to remove data, I will not be able to remove a second drive from the FS, as it has not re-built from the first drive removal.
Any suggestions?

I had the same problem. The only solution for me was to power down, remove all drives, power up for a while, power down again, add all the drives back (minus the one I needed to migrate to another box) and power up again. I waited a few hours and it decided to rebuild itself again. Took about 40 hours to complete.

Thanks robnee, I just let it sit while I was on vacation for a week, upon return it was re-building with 48 hours left.

I just finished copying more data and pulling out another 3TB drive. I’ll just let it sit to rebuild again.

Cool. It would be really nice if there was a way to “eject” a drive using the Drobo Dashboard. Click on the drive on the status screen and click eject or something. This way the Drobo would be able to immediately begin to relayout the data. The drive bay light could be turned red to indicate the drive should be removed. Just a thought and an improvement over pulling a drive and just waiting…

I’ve wanted that exact feature for years. Some way to tell the Drobo “I’m planning on doing something with this drive; please stop using it”, other than just yanking it unceremoniously.

And here’s the feature request:

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