Pro will not boot - gets to three blue lights


Of course my Drobo Pro (one of the 4-5% slow ones) has now failed completely on a Sunday so no support until tomorrow. Typical.

It gets to the point in the boot cycle where there are three blue lights at the top of the side bar, and one blue light one up from the bottom of the side bar.

Has anyone else seen this and if so what is the solution?

I am rapidly loosing all confidence in this product, big on promise, very small on delivery. Very disappointing.

Hope someone can help

If you flip the restart button, then wait abt a few seconds. What happened? I’ve seen that on ours but flipping the restart button, it returned to normal operation.

Hmm, tried that and many other things. Eventually after removing all the drives and powering on the unit got past boot. Then turning off inserting all the drives and then turning back on it eventually indicated to me that bay 7 was causing issues (either the drive or the bay - not sure which yet as its a brand new drive in the bay). So removing the drive kicked the unit into a rebuild and after about 12 hours everything is green again.

Support came back to me early this morning indicating that i should try the drive out procedure.

Anyway, I am dual disking the unit at the moment before moving bay 8 to bay 7 to determine if its the bay that was at fault. Have to do this as there is of course no useful diagnostic information that I can access. Hopefully support will be able to shed some light on this from the diagnostic file, but it would be nice to be able to see this myself.

I’ll post back if there is some more information.


Tks Jason for the update! A speedy recovery of ur DroboPro.

Well after nearly 2 days it has finally completed the switch to dual disk redundancy. Everything seems to be stable again and I have moved the 8th drive to the now empty 7th bay to see if it was a faulty drive that took it down or if its the bay.

The log file indicated a faulty drive, but the drive was one of three brand new 1.5Tb WD drives. Its not unheard of for a new drive to be faulty, but I am not convinced yet (hence moving drive 8 to bay 7).

See what happens.

Mine is now suffering from the illness of refusal to accept DDR has been enabled but everything seems to be working fine tho. This one I had to open a ticket.