Pro lost connection twice yesterday...

DroboPro with Drobo (2nd gen.) plugged into it, all via FW800 on a MacPro 4,1.

Twice yesterday I’d be doing something in Finder like QuickLooking a media file, but instead of it playing back, it would just pinwheel forever. The directories were apparently cached, but accessing any new data wasn’t possible, though Finder never told me the volume was removed. After a few minutes Dashboard would drop the DroboPro from it, but keep the regular Drobo attached. DroboPro remained in standby mode.

When I rebooted, it took 10 minutes or so each time to get to the login window and the DroboPro remained in standby and wasn’t detected until I power cycled it.

I called tech support and the rep. was kind of rude and told me to just try another FW800 cable.

When I questioned how often do these cables really go bad, she said “all the time,” which is clearly untrue, and I can’t remember the last time I’ve had any kind of cable go bad (FW, USB, HDMI, etc.). So I’m kind of upset at the poor customer service tonight as well.

Suggestions? Thoughts?


Trying a different FW cable is honestly one of the first steps in troubleshooting.

I also recommended repair disk from disk utility as well.