Price of DroboShare DroboCare Support...

I have a Drobo V2 running on a DroboShare. It does not show a price for DroboCare for the DroboShare unit just the Drobo. Is the price for the DroboCare support include support for DroboShare?


From our DroboCare FAQ’s

Q: Can I buy DroboCare for my DroboShare?

No. When you purchase and register your DroboShare, the standard warranty for DroboShare applies. Thereafter, your DroboShare can be covered under DroboCare if, and only if, the Drobo to which it is attached is covered by a DroboCare contract. Both Drobo and DroboShare must be registered with Data Robotics.

Great I just bought it… It only gave me the option to register 1 serial so I used the Drobo itself. So it is registered with the DroboCare now.