Prevent Spinning down?

I have my Drobo connected to my Imac via FW800. I have all my movies and mp3’s for my AppleTV’s on the Drobo.

This configuration works great however If I have not used the drobo in a while i believe the drives spin down becuase when i try to play a movie/song in itunes or appletv(which streams from itunes) it takes a second to start up and you can hear the drobo spinning back up.

I search but didnt find any hits on this except for one recommendation for a Drobo pro that my drobo dashboard software didnt have.

I want to prevent the drives from ever spinning down. Is there a plist I can edit somewhere? Or a setting in the drobo dashboard i dont see?

OS=Snow Leopard
Drobo = 4 1tb WD’s
Drobo Dashboard = 1.6.7
Drobo Firmware = 1.3.5

Thanks in advance.


but there are some “keep alive” programs, or even a script, which will write a tiny blank file to the drives every 10 minutes to prevent it from spinning down.

Thats all you can do.

You can use cron on the Mac to do this, if you are not afraid of a bit of command-line stuff.

You need to add a line like this:

*/10 * * * * touch /Volumes/YourDroboVolume/keepalivefile.txt

to your crontab. The /10 makes it run every 10 minutes, adjust that to suit. Replace YourDroboVolume as necessary, and pick any file name you like, it will create it the first time it runs if the file doesn’t exist already.

You probably don’t have a crontab file at the moment, you can check it this way. Type “crontab -l”, if the results look like this you don’t have a crontab file:

spiney:~ david$ crontab -l
crontab: no crontab for david

If you get that, you can just do this:

echo “*/10 * * * * touch /Volumes/YourDroboVolume/keepalivefile.txt” | crontab -

and that will do the necessary. This will overwrite anything you had in the existing crontab, so be sure to check. Do a crontab -l again afterwards to check that the change got made.

All this will do is update the timestamp on a zero-length file every 10 minutes. You can look atthe file to make sure it’s running.

If you have a crontab file, then you already know what to do to add the new line…

so that worked perfectly…but i made a small modification.

Here is the cronline.

00,10,20,30,40,50 * * * * /usr/bin/touch /Volumes/Drobo/.nosleep >/dev/null 2>&1

If you noticed i put a . in front of the nosleep file to make it invisible so you cant see it when you connect to the drobo from the finder.

I really wish this was an option for the drobo dashboard configuration.

Thanks everyone.