Presale request for 4Bay Drobo


We have a couple of Drobo 5D, where we like the enhanced Backup with TimeMachine (with the latest firmware)

No we want to use an additional 4bay Drobo
When we run this 4 bay Drobo (USB3) with only 3 Drives will this feature then available or is it only available with 4 drives and dual redundancy? I can’t find this information on the website

Best Regards

I cannot confirm, but you should be able to.
However, if your usage is too high, you might not able to do so.

For example, with a 3 X 1 TB setup, you would likely have slight less than 2 TB left for a single disk redundancy(SDR) setup.
For dual disk redundancy(DDR), you would likely have less than 1 TB left of available space.

Therefore, if your usage is more than 1 TB at that point of time on SDR, you would likely not able to enable DDR without free up your usage to less than 1 TB.

Hope this makes sense.