"preparing to copy...."

Why does it take 30 minutes for drobo to “prepare” 50gb of files for copying? The entire time I hear all the drives accessing something. What’s the deal?

Frustrated new user,

What OS are you using?

Mac Os 10.6 with a MacBook Pro i5. 4 gb of ram.

“Preparing to copy…” is (at least partly) Finder looking at all the files you are trying to copy, sizing them all up, and making sure that the copy will fit on the target. It’s not the Drobo as such, although if the files you are copying are on the Drobo then the access speed to it will definitely slow down the process.

If you are comfortable in Terminal, and know that your files will fit on the destination, then you could use “cp” in Terminal and the file copy will start instantly, albeit with no progress indication unless you leave a Finder window open looking at the target.

Open a Terminal, type

man cp

to get some help on how to do it.

Thanks spiny. I’ll try it through terminal.

If you have 50GB worth of lots of small files eg. Between 1MB to lets say around 50MB, you will experience what you mentioned.

This kind of issue does not occur if most of your files are large, as in 1GB each and above.