Powering Down the Drobo FS vs Drobo

I am wondering if these devices are meant to run constantly … i would think that after a couple of years, the fan would get squeaky to say the least.

I have both the Drobo 4 bay and the Drobo FS. I am just curious about how often I should power them down.

Yes, Drobos are fine to run constantly. Of course, you’re allowed to turn it off when you wish.

My Drobo v2 is power cycled a few times each year. I last turned it off to connect it to a UPS.
Moving parts will eventually wear out. My v2 has been running constantly for 2.5 years without a problem. Maybe I’ll need to replace the fan bearings in another few years. We’ll see.

It is unfortunate that the fans cannot be cleaned/replaced or the internal case cleaned without voiding the warranty or DroboCare. I run my 2 year old Drobo V2 24/7. It’s in a very dusty place; I’m surprised the insides aren’t totally clogged by now.

Vacuum cleaner. Crevice tool. Such joy should be illegal.
(Oh, and panty hose over the crevice tool if you’re worried about picking up loose wires or the like in a desktop case.)