Power Usage Droboapps - do disks spin down


One of the major selling points for me with the drobofs, aside from the obvious easy disk management stuff, was that it uses only about 10w of power when the disks spin down.

I’m thinking about enabling droboapps, in particular for transmission and mysql (when someone makes it). However, I’m a bit concerned that both would probably result in the disks running all the time. My question is, how does droboapps deal with the disks, does it run on a section of space on one single disk or perhaps just two disks or does it run on the entire set?

As far as I can tell, droboapps are stored in the same mount point (i.e., same storage ‘device’) as the other shares, meaning that they reside on the disk pack.

Although, it seems to me that apps like Transmission and MySQL would have to be accessing the disks all the time, almost by definition. Transmission, as a BT client, will necessarily have to read/write chunks from torrents (which I think you would want to have on the disk pack anyway). MySQL could be fine tuned to host all the DB files in RAM, but since the FS has less than 256MB that would be possible only for very small datasets.