Power supply substitute?

I could sure use some help, Does anyone know if I can use a power supply for my Drobo S on my Drobo 5Dt?

The 5D has important data on it, Drobo said the box was bad and sent me a loaner unit–although they did not send a power supply (!) The loaner seems to be doing the same thing so I want to rule out the power supply…

I’m pretty sure all Drobos use the same power supply. I believe I was able to use my circa 2010 Drobo FS power supply with my newer (2019) Drobo 5N2.

In fact, the drobostore sells the same power supply for all units (though they are sold out):

I hope that helps!



Thank you for the response!
I’m not confident to just try it as my data is so important for work, especially since the numbers and such don’t all match on the two bricks. But if someone knows for sure I’d like to hear it.

Is there any risk of damage if I were to just try it? Damage to the PSU or the unit or the drives?

The PSU should have built-in overload (and short circuit) protection for it’s output… the theoretical worst case is the unit for the S hasn’t the beans to power a 5Dt & either shuts itself down or goes into a cycle of trying to start it & shutting off when the demand gets too high.

I’ve had success with the generic PSUs you find on online retailers sites, though it’s best to choose one with a higher current rating than the original & avoid super-cheap ones.

I’ve also been known to connect a suitable barrel-jack to a lab style bench supply, dial in 12v & just crank the current limit to somewhere at or above the original supply’s rating… be careful to get the polarity correct if doing that. I’ve no idea if a Drobo has reverse polarity protection on the input, & I’m understandably unwilling to potentially brick one finding out if it hasn’t.

Thanks again for the insight.
So if the theoretical worst happens, and the S PSU can’t power the 5Dt & goes into a cycle, could that hurt the power supply or the enclosure or the drives?

I’ve been trying to ask around to find an engineer or someone that would have a lab style power supply because I was thinking that should help troubleshoot. But so far I haven’t found that person that I can trust to know more than me and make me confident that it won’t make the problem worse :wink:

I don’t have the specs on-hand for the two PSU’s involved, theoretically, there shouldn’t be an issue, but that assumes everything with the used PSU you’re proposing to use is OK, & Drobo PSUs have a reputation for going out of spec as they age…

I can’t think of a reason why going into a boot loop should theoretically hurt the drives or data, since the boot happens in firmware & there’s no data written to the drives during the process…

However, since you appear worried, & all I can spout is theory, if you want to be certain I’d say obtain a power supply from a reputable manufacturer which meets or exceeds the current capacity of the original 5Dt unit’s one, & matches the voltage & polarity on the barrel jack, that way you can be pretty certain.

A lab style power supply would indeed help troubleshoot, as if the 5Dt is trying to draw excessive current owing to a drive fault or internal fault, the current being drawn would be displayed, if that’s more than the original 5Dt’s power brick is rated for on its label you’d have an indication that that’s where the problem lay…

Assuming the labels are undamaged, you can always compare the current or wattage ratings of the two PSUs you have on hand though.