Power Supply Compatibility

In the last couple of days the power supply of my Drobo S (Gen 2) seems to have quit on me. There is no green light on the power brick normally. If I unplug it and plug it back in, I might get a moment of the light being on before it flickers and goes out. I was once able to get about 20 sec into the drobo boot process before it gave up again.

So I’m pretty sure I’m in the market for a new power brick and wanted some help confirming I’m buying the right part. This is well outside of my knowledge base and would hate to damage my beloved Drobo by being sloppy.

According to this support article, I’m looking for ·“EA11001E” (Edac Power, 8.33A, for a total output of 100W DC). A quick google search spit out this product on amazon. Would this be compatible with my Drobo S (Gen2)? It seems to be the same part number, but I don’t see any tech specs listing the 8.33A anywhere.

Any advice would be appreciated whether I misdiagnosed the issue, have the wrong part, or could find the right part for cheaper elsewhere.


hi mike,
it might be worth contacting the seller (some times there is a directl contact number) or through the system, to ask them the help clarify the values on the actual psu, and most sellers would be happy to provide - that way you can be sure that you are getting what was mentioned on the support link

i think i only posted about my other psus here:

but i just had a look and my gen2 drobo s also uses a psu showing ea11001e 12v>8.33a