Power Supple Issue - I think

Hello - I have a Drobo S. I plugged it in this morning and all the lights flashed for 2-3 seconds and then it went off. I wiggled the cord in the back and the lights came on again (As if it wanted to work). Tried it a couple of more times and the same thing keeps happening. The power brick is lit solid Green. I’m not sure if its the power supply going into the Drobo or the power supply on the Drobo itself (It feels a little loose but nothing major).

  1. Can I buy a new power supply? If so how - The website says sold out. I Need to make sure I buy the right thing.
  2. If I cant power up my Drobo S - How do I get my info off the old Drobo to a new Drobo (OR possible something else but probably a new Drobo).