Power Outage during Dual Disk Re-Layout?


just inserted a 1TB drive into a Drobo S already containing 2x2TB and 1x250GB drives with approximately 900GB of data on it. The intent was to give me more space so I can run dual disk redundancy.

Entering the 1 TB drive caused no relayout blinking green-yellow lights, but enabling dual disk redundancy has.

It has been going for much longer than I anticipated (approximately 5 hours of re-layout time until now, the dashboard estimates an additional 4 hours left)

What would happen if my power were to go out during this process? Would I likely lose all my data?

Adding a disk does not cause any change to your data… Which is why there was no flashing lights… All the parity data is still there

Drobo may move the data around in the background in order to optimize it, but it does this constantly anyway and doesn’t tell the end user about it.

To change to dual disk redundancy requires creating a whole disk’s worth of parity information so is a long process (probably as long as replacing a drive would take) i would expect 24-48 hours for a full drobo.

If something were to fail during this process i would expect things to be more or less ok, you still have the single disk redundancy active, its just adding a second layer of redundancy

Of course a power outage could always lead to some degree of data corruption, but the same is true of any external drive and you should run chkdsk following any kind of interruption like that.