power outage drobo5n not showing up in windows explorer

Had a power outage, rebooted drobo5n can no longer see drobo in windows explorer running windows 10 can be seen in drobo dashboard

please help

hi teamutahnoobs,
can i check if dashboard (and the main physical 5n) are both showing the usual lights for power and drive bays, (hopefuly all solid green ideally)?

if yes, would you be able to try using dashboard to shutdown the drobo,
and then to power off the computer and connected devices.
and to then try powering up just the drobo
and then after that boots up with the blue leds lights it may go into standby mode but after about 5 minutes after booting, to then try to power up the comptuer again.

how are things now?

if you also get a chance can you have a look here just in case there is anythign unusual with regards to the power supply (including noise or lights?) it probably will not be this, though may be worth a look too)

hey paul, thanks for the reply everything is green on the dashboard and the device I tried shut down and restart through dashboard as well as ejecting hdds and restarting in RO mode,

RO mode I can see the device but cannot access Data

any suggestions?

thanks for the info,
can i check when you mentioned you ejected all drives while off, and retarted in RO mode, when it booted in RO mode were the drives actually inside it?

you might need to power off (in ro mode)
and then with power still off and cables unplugged, to put your diskpack drives back in, and then to power up with them inside, and in ro modeā€¦
you may have done it like this though just wanted to double check?

yah I have done that. restarted in RO with drives in I can see the folders but cannot access. what happens if I reset the drobo through the dashboard without the drives will that erase my data? also when I restarted my pc an error from dashboard came up saying cannot access memory with a Big red X thanks for you help[hr]
found a temporary fix read on a 5n forum to make a new share and smb problems with firmware 3.21 thanks paul for helping me in the right direction http://www.drobospace.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=143662&page=3

ah thanks team utah noobs, and cool that you found a fix :slight_smile:

the dashboard might need to be run in admin mode (or you could try running it again in case something was using a lot of memory) also if the computer is still starting up and loading things, launching programs straight away might also be a possibly cause.