Power Outage - Drobo FS does not mount - used CTRL Shift M

We had a power outage yesterday that lasted 2 hours. Upon rebooting all computers, Drobo would not mount. Data is safe, all lights are green. I can use the dashboard to see this.

Called support and was told to type the command: CTRL SHIFT M. Drobo did File System Maintenace. Lasted many hours (at least 6) - we have 4 TB of data.

After this, Dashboard reported maintenance done, and told us to contact customer support.

We disconnected and rebooted both drobo, network and computer. No mounting. We are are repeating the CTRL SHIFT M procedure (file system maintenance) which should last another 6 hours.

Tried Disk Utility and Disk Warrior, but they cannot see Drobo FS. Did Network utility, Ping Drobo, all Ok. Used Parallels to go into Windows, cannot see Drobo.

In the meantime does anyone have addiitonal ideas as to what can be done? We are not computer experts, so terminal commands are beyond us…

Also, we have learned our lesson and will be purchasing a UPS for the Mac Pro and the Drobo. We understand how the Mac Pro shutdown works with a UPS but is that the same for an external drive like Drobo. How would it know to shut down by itself if the power goes out? I know that the Mac Pro can do this with a UPS and system preferences energy panel, but how would a drobo do this? We are not too familiar with UPS so please excuse our very basic questions!!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

hi i wasnt aware of the manual command for system maintenance. maybe its just a DroboFS feature.

i need to reboot my pc as going toooo slow but if you do a quick search on UPS theres some recent thread with lots of good info that might help[hr]
this might be the one: http://www.drobospace.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=2025&highlight=ups

Here is the link from the drobo page.


Thank you for the battery discussion link, I was unaware that Drobo had a battery. If that is the case, I wonder how the power outage could have negatively affected the drobo.

Thanks again.