Power outage, and now I have a "ghost" partition

Mac OS X Server 10.6.4
Drobo 2nd generation hooked up via FW800, divided into 2 parititions
Drobo Dashboard 1.7.3, firmware 1.3.7

I use my Drobo for videos and backup and recently suffered a power outage. (note: I wasn’t accessing the drive when the power went out). I went and unplugged the Drobo from the machine and also unplugged the Drobo’s power cable.

When the power came back on, I powered up the machine, plugged the firewire cable back into the Drobo and machine, and then the power cable for the Drobo.

The Drobo got stuck in an endless reboot cycle so I followed the instructions posted in this support document and managed to get the Drobo to reboot.

When it came back online, only one partition mounted, and I got a warning that a partition that couldn’t be read was mounted. I ignored the initialize option and launched Disk Utility.

Instead of two separate drives / partitions for the Drobo, I saw 3 - two with disk volumes (one that wasn’t mounted - the missing partition) and one “ghost” drive with no partitions.

See http://neil.io/1DOK1w - Lester and Sanchez are the two “real” partitions, and Sanchez was the one missing. When I ran a fsck_hfs on it and rebooted, I was able to (…er…) mount Sanchez. But I still have this extra drive/partition.

I know normally the only way to get rid of extra partitions is to format the Drobo (sigh). Is that my only option? I’m paranoid now that the Drobo itself or its drives are screwed up somehow and am unsure if I should trust it or dump it and buy a new backup system.

I should mention that I’ve had a lot of weird issues with the Drobo since I bought it - (eg. partitions disappearing and a lot of failed drives). I’d switch to another backup system but I’ve invested a lot in this thing, as flawed as it’s been.

Any thoughts?


Definitely run Disk Utility to check if there are any OS/filesystem-level issues to correct.

It doesn’t really sound like Drobo has extra partitions - what does Drobo Dashboard show?

Also, what happens if you drag the “ghost” drive to the trash (assuming that doesn’t actually delete data - it always made me nervous that I had to “trash” something to dismount it)?

Definitely put a UPS on your Christmas (or earlier) list. A power outage and unsafe power-down can corrupt any drive. It’s just a matter of what’s happening at the time.