Power on Drobo 5D3 Crashes iMac 2017

Fun stuff (not!)…power up Drobo 5D3 and watch iMac running Big Sur 11.6 immediately crash. Quite repeatable.

Anyone else have this horrible phenomena?

Yes! That seems to be what mine is doing.
I turn on my 5Dt (I think that’s what it is) and after a few seconds it shuts off and also shuts off the computer. Mine is mac pro running 12.2.1

I don’t normally turn off my drobo, but I did the shut down procedure from dashboard and now it won’t turn back on.

I also tried turning it on with the computer off, and after 30 mins of solid yellow lights and all the blue capacity lights on, the drobo shut off again.

Any solutions?

is the firmware on the Drobo up to date?

Also, try the following:

  1. Safely Eject the Drobo Volume by dragging to the trash or by right clicking on the Drobo Volume and selecting Eject.

  2. Once the volume is ejected, disconnect the Thunderbolt Cable.

  3. Shutdown the iMAC Pro (2017)

Yes, the firmware is up to date.

Drobo actually sent me a loaner unit to get my data off the drives since they determined the box was bad, but the loaner shuts off also now. I’m wondering if it’s the power supply.

Power supply is one possibility, no longer being able to supply their rated output & effectively shutting off briefly when it’s called for is a common failure mode for switch-mode power supplies.

The other possibility off the top of my head is a drive that’s demanding unusually high current & pushing a working power supply into the same behaviour as above because it’s being overloaded.

You have been so helpful, Mr. beardy. Thank you very much. Drobo is sending me a PSU to try, so hopefully it will just work and I’ll be good to go!