Power Loss in a B810N

Hi All,

I have a B810N which is less than 3 years old (just out of warranty). A couple of weeks ago, it suffered a total power loss overnight. I managed to rush a new B810N, and got myself back up and running, with no loss of data (Great news and thank you Drobo software).

I now have a 2½ year old Drobo which is useless. Drobo tech support are not willing to repair (even at my expense, as it’s out of warranty). Their suggestion “Try Selling it for Parts”. If I can only expect 2½ or 3 years from a Drobo product, and there is NO SUPPORT, what other options are out there, that would replace a Drobo B810N.

I find this a difficult question to ask, I have been a Drobo supporter since my first Drobo 5n, but for the security of my data, and the lack of help, I feel I may need another product.

Thanks for any advice