I have DR04D-U - 4 drive usb. P/N 900-00002-002.

At power up, it goes through its boot up process. Then the power led turns red. And it just quiets down.

This happens when from cold so no overheat issue perhaps.

I removed the drives. Power up and same issue.

I cleaned it with air spray can. Power up and same issue.

What can I try next?


hi, it if goes through the powerup boot process, (but then isnt attached to anything) it usually goes into standby mode.

does it have any drives inside it, and can i check if it ever worked differently when plugged into a computer?


I connected to a pc. Now all four led are solid red.

this sounds like one of those occasions where the drive cage may have come loose and the drives are not inserting into the backplane…

I would power it all down, carefully pull all the drives out, and gently tug on left side and then right side of the drive cage and see if it wiggles any.

My recent Drobo S aquisition had this problem - the left side of the drive cage was loose from the sheet metal of the housing, and I had to (since it is not under warrenty) perform minor tweaks to the housing and now it’s rock solid and working great. (though, I still have one drive that acts like it can’t reach the connectors… other drives work fine in all slots, so I have decided that that particular drive is just off.)

hi it might be the cage as trimble mentions but if i can just check something…
when you plugged it into the computer, and all bays were red, was it actually having any drives inside it at that moment, or were they already removed?

(if you have data on the drives, please only put them back in while all power is OFF)

Sorry for the late reply. Just got back from late summer short break.

I had it off for long time when replacing one bad drive did not get it to work. I just gave up.

The backside of drive cage seems solid.

Please let me know if you have any other ideas.


hi ok no worries.
as far as i could tell, it sounded like you had it working before, and 1 drive failed, and that powered it off and then replaced the bad drive and powered it back on and had the problems as above?

if so, then the idea behind it is to try this as it might help:
eg. to power all off and get it back to how it was eg with the original drives inside, (eg to put the bad one back in)
and connect it to the computer
and then power up the drobo and let it boot up (and probably go into standby mode)
and then power up the computer and let it boot up
does the drobo now wake up shortly after, and is it shown on dashboard?

(if dashboard says too many drives removed, then you might need to power all off again, and then to put back in the replaced drive and to then power back up to see)

it may be the case that it confused the drobo when you tried to replace with power off, as usually the unit should be left on, and faulty drive removed, and then the replacement put back in all while still running etc.

btw when you went to replace a bad drive as you mentioned, can i check how you knew it was bad? (eg was dashboard saying things, or was drobo flashing lights at you etc?)