Power cut

We get power cuts from time to time, as I guess many do. Is data on the Drobo at risk in the event of a power cut? I undertand that you should put the unit in standby before turning off the powr, but we have no control over power cuts.


Any time power is suddenly cut, data could be lost – with or without Drobo. The biggest risk might actually be from the host computer suddenly dropping: I’ve seen OS crashes do amazing things to filesystems.

If your power infrastructure is unreliable, the best solution would be to use a UPS. When the UPS trips and alerts your computer, it can shut down. Drobo will then automatically go into standby.

I understand the general risk; my question is whether there is any increased risk to a drobo compared with a normal hard disk.

There are two scenarios:

the first is where all the lights on the drobo are green. My guess is that if you suddenly loose power, then the risk of data loss is the same as in a normal power outage with a regular hard disk. Chances are all will be well on reboot but you might loose some data held in ram or being written to the disk when the outage took place. Is there any difference when using a drobo to a plain vanilla hard disk in this scenario?

The second is where the disk is flashing amber, say after you have replaced a dodgy disk with a new one and drobo is rewriting data to the new disk. If there is a power cut, is all your data trashed, or is it recoverable from the original good disks? Let me put it another way. Drobo warns you a disk has failed and should be replaced. You have a spare disk, but you note warning on the news of a possible power outage due to thuderstorms in the area. My data is fine on the healthy disks, but if I insert the new disk, then drobo will begin spreading data to it. I have to decide whether its a lower risk option NOT to add the new disk until the power outage risk has passed, because if the power outage comes when drobo is writing to the new disk to rebuild it, I have a greater risk of data loss than would be the case if I waited. Or not, which is the question :slight_smile:

Since you know you get random power outage at where you live, you should have some UPS hooked up to your computer and drives that contains anything that is important to you. In the case of the outage, the UPS can continue to supply electricity from it’s battery enough for you to save your work and turn off your external drives or put the drobo into standby mode.

That would be a good idea, I agree…but until I get a UPS, or if it fails when I do, I still would like to know the risks of a power cut in the circumstances desribed.

If a power outage occurs during relayout, there is a greater risk of data loss. Possibly even having to use a 3rd party software/vendor to recover the data. The Drobo cannot protect your disks/data when in relayout and there is a power loss.

If you need to replace a drive, because of failure or low space, and the news is warning of bad weather, my suggestion would be to power down the drobo until after Mother Nature wreaks havoc on the electrical company.