Power cut during rebuild

I replaced a 2TB drive with a 5TB drive and the rebuild started then we had a power cut in the area before the rebuild could be completed. As a result the following is now happening…

FYI we have five drives made up of 5TB + 5TB + 2TB + 2TB + 2TB

The middle/first 2TB drive is blinking yellow asking to be replaced. The unit says we only have 772GB left of free storage as it is also saying we only have a total storage capacity of 5.41TB (FYI this is what the unit said before the power cut and before we replaced the 2TB drive). Reading http://www.drobo.com/storage-products/capacity-calculator/ it says we should have a RAW storage of 14.55TB and 9.98 available for data.

Can anyone please help?

Why is the unit not recognising our heightened storage capacity?

More importantly how do we ensure our data is safe following the failed rebuild/power cut?

hi, can you remember if your drobo is currently set up to use the dual, DDR redundancy mode?

if so, that could explain the 5.41TB capacity, (that you had before too), for example as showb below:
5TB + 5TB + 2TB +2TB + 2TB = 16TB raw
16TB (-5TB -5TB if DDR is being use) = 6TB actual
6TB (*0.9 for usual filesystem overheads) = approx 5.4TB available for data (though best to stay within about 94% used & for performance)

with this in mind, rebuids should continue after a powercut, especially if the power is restored fairly quickly as per the battery life of the internal battery, which is at least several days, rather than hours as far as i understand it, (though usually best to restore power sooner than later)…

can i check if your drobo isshowing up in dashboard currently and can the computer see your data?
and if the 2TB light actually blinking yellow, or is it possibly a solid yellow (to indicate that the drobo is getting low on free space?

if the data is available to the computer, and if dashboard can see the drobo, is anything flashing there too?