Power brick is blinking green and making noise Drobo won't power on

Hello, I have a Drobo 5D3 and the power brick is blinking green and making a slight noise.
Back of the Drobo the power light is randomly blinking green and the fan is on low (I guess the battery is kicking in)?

I am hoping it is the power brick that needs to be replaced.
Assuming that it is, where do I get one?

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Thank you,

Ok so when I remove the power supply from the Drobo and the power brick is still plugged into the wall, the brick green light is now solid, but still makes a soft noise.
The drobo is obviously powered down with no power connected to it.

Hello there!

The Drobo power bricks are notorious for failing while appearing to still be functional. At times, the Drobo can still even function, but will fail randomly when the hard drives require more power than the failing power supply can provide.

You power supply seems to be failing. It might be a good idea to get a replacement.

I hope that helps!



Thanks Dom, I just ordered a third party power brick from Amazon. It says it will work for a 5D3, I hope so…
It’s just a sinking feeling…