Potentially bricked FS? I can console to it - NASD.log messages

I’ve been reading through the threads and thought my FS was bricked. Got an RS232 cable, putty to it and i can now access it. Im getting an error in the /var/log/nasd.log that says:

/usr/bin/nasd: line 1: 3▒/▒: not found
/usr/bin/nasd: line 2: 0▒▒0
▒0S▒: not found
/usr/bin/nasd: line 3: syntax error: unexpected “(”

When I type nasd i get the same output.

hi im not too sure about this, though please hang in there as some other users maybe able to help, either here or after seeing your posting on this page here:

btw can i check what the messages were saying, because it looks like about 6 characters are showing up as a fuzzy square?
(for example there is 1 fuzzy square on either side of the word “OS” in your post above… at least on my screen) :slight_smile:

That was the actual output of the /var/log/nasd.log file. Weird characters and all. Funny thing is, I lost power for a little while this morning, when it came back on I putty’d back to it and the nasd starting and the log file made sense. Ran an ifconfig to see the IP address, added it to my drobo dashboard and it see’s it… crazy.

oh ok, thanks i thought my fonts were being funny on my computer :slight_smile:
it may just be that it needed a power cycle, but its cool that you got dashboard to see it again.

how does the mounting go for your shares and access to data again?