Potential DroboApp - BitTorrent Sync

I came across this BitTorrent Sync app today and noticed that an ARM version is available that runs on, at least, the Drobo 5N I can confirm, but looks like it should be able to run on the FS as well. Now I will admit I know just enough to break things so I am not sure of any of the security implications of running this and exposing it to the web.

It is still alpha software as far as I have found and looks like it might become a nice sync app using the BitTorrent protocol.
I just wanted to share the app and what I did to get it running in case anyone else was interested in such a thing.

I know I probably did this in a less than ideal manner but I took the ARM download, from the link above, changed the extension to .tgz so the Drobo would install it via the SSH command (/usr/bin/DroboApps.sh install) as the original extensions didn’t work. I started it via SSH (cd into the app directory and just typed “btsync” to start it) and opened the web gui (http://DROBO-IP-HERE:8888/gui/). I synced it across my network with another machine using the web gui and Windows client to confirm it at least works locally.

Special thank you to Ricardo and his DroboPorts site and Jhah and his DroboApps site I have learned enough to be dangerous and thoroughly enjoy tooling around with my Drobo FS and Drobo 5N from your sites and contributions.

Hehehe… I love being a bad influence on other Drobo owners. :D[hr]
By the way: nice find on that Bittorrent sync app. It looks very promising. I’ll check it out once I have some time.

It will be lovely to have FS builds :slight_smile:

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t see any source code available. Is this a closed source app?

You are correct, looks as if it will be closed source but have an API …

The app is indeed closed source, but I tried it out and it runs fine on the 5N. Just needs some nice packaging for the new DroboApps system, and to put its config file in a more sensible location. Since it uses a web-based config UI, you might even be able to integrate it completely into the Dashboard.

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FYI: I packaged btsync for both FS and 5N. You can find out more about it here: http://www.drobospace.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=79869

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