Possible to use NTFS drobo from Mac OSX ?

My Drobo 3rd Gen has been formatted with NTFS but I’m hoping to use it from a mac mini. Unfortunately I can’t find a way to get read/write access to the Drobo due to the non-native filesystem. I’ve tried using Tuxera NTFS for Mac but it’s a userspace driver (uses FUSE) and it didn’t help.

Does anyone have any suggestions to get the most out of my Drobo from my mac without reformatting it (which unfortunately isn’t an option) ?

I’ve had better luck with Paragon NTFS for Mac. Try the free version and see if it works in your configuration. El Capitan is very picky about drivers.

What to you expect to be able to do with it that a userspace driver wouldn’t do? You will not be able to boot from the drobo.

For the record, I’ve ended up going with Tuxera to read and write to the NTFS drive from the Mac and it’s worked well. It works for me, but there is also a free trial for anyone who might be interested in a similar setup. Be warned though - OS X won’t let you use anything but a HFS formatted drive as a destination for time machine backups.

hi ivar, if you end up only needing to access the drobo from a mac, then maybe one option could be to backup the existing data that is currently on your drobo, to somewhere else, such a a usb stick or onto the mac hard drive, and then you could reset / erase and reformat the drobo just for mac with a supported mac filesystem.

if you are not sure though, and things are working fine for you, then you could always just keep things the way they are.