Possible to revert Drobo to factory defaults but not wipe the data from the disks?

I’m having problems with my Drobo 5N, and was wondering if it’s possible to revert to the factory defaults (wiping out the Apps I have added, etc. without loosing the data on my disks?

I’m trying to avoid having to copy all of my data to USB disks to see if I can fix this.

hi it might be possible but it sounds risky.

i think the only way to be more sure about it is to raise a ticket with support teams to go through step by step etc because they can be other variables involved.
eg what if your disk pack (and data sets) are using a newer firmware, you might not be able to access your data at all, until a certain firmware is applied to the drobo again.

and the drive might need to be IN or OUT depending on which step of the process…
i think its best to raise a ticket

Thanks, Paul. I did open a ticket, and the support folks said that it is not possible. I suspect that there is a way that it could be done, but it’s at least not suggested, and they do not support doing it.

Thanks for your response!

hi prhend, i was wondering how did things go in the end?