Possible to mount remote file systems with a DroboFS?

Here is my current scenario:

SnapServer (
DroboFS (
MyPC (

It is not possible to ssh to the SnapServer (to my knowledge, it doesn’t support this). Therefore, I am trying to mount the SnapServer path to the DroboFS in order to use rsync locally.

I am able to sucessfully ping from the DroboFS. However, when I try to mount a path on the SnapServer using:

mount // /mnt/SnapServer

(I’ve also supplied a username and password with the same result)

DroboFS responds with this message:

mount: mounting on /mnt/SnapServer/ failed: No such device

I have been told that the DroboFS cannot mount remote file systems. If this is the case, then I will have to find another solution.

Could someone please confirm this, and/or suggest other possible solutions to try? I would like to let the DroboFS work alone if possible (without another server involved).

The SnapServer also has NFS, FTP, SNMP, Apple Networking, Novell Networking. Is it possible to use either of these with rsync instead of using SSH?


I’ve seen similar reports on the Synology platform - seems a kernel module may be missing to support this. And given the wonderful support we get from DRI, I’m sure they’ll get right on that.